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Featured Image VMAP 1 FMVideo Mastery and Power Exchange: Fetching Mettle 1 – Introduction Followup and QA

James Gordon and Rebecca Doll provide an introduction to how to build lasting Master/slave, Mistress/slave, Dominant/submissive and other lifestyle dynamics.

VMAP Fetching Mettle is our biweekly “informal” episode, where we catch up on questions and share bonus material which didn’t make it into past videos, either because there wasn’t time, or it didn’t quite fit the overall flow.

In this week’s Fetching Mettle we learn

* A little more about James’ and Rebecca’s qualifications and background
* The real truth about “True Mastery” and “True Slavery”
* Can someone serve two masters?

VMAP is an educational project of Modern Power Exchange which focuses on a healthy, consensual, scientific, sex-positive approach to Power Exchange in human relationships.

Not a course on BDSM or sex, VMAP is focused on people who may have seen Fifty Shades of Grey or other media, but don’t know how to bridge the gap between fiction and a real lifestyle, as well as those who already practice Power Exchange and want help making it work better.
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