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Places for Online Play

Popular Options

  • IM/Email
  • Kik
  • Skype
  • Fetlife
      • Fet Chat
    • Online Playmates” 50K allows ISO
    • See also various roleplay and fandom groups
  • Discord


Owned by a subsidiary of the toy company Bad Dragon, F-List was originally aimed at the Furry Community, but is a great resource for all online-focused kink.  You can make a giant checklist of your preferences here and share it with others.  

MMORPG/Avatar Based

Review of the Best Massively Multiplayer Online Sex Games

✪ SecondlifeEditor’s Choice – Though it still supports vanilla play and activities, SL survives as a heavily kink and sex driven multiplayer environment.  The world takes a little time and investment to break into, but it exceeds the other sex MMORPGs by an order of magnitude in terms of population and option.  Search Groups to get an idea of what is available.  The power of SL is user designed content, which means if anyone has ever fetishized it, someone built it.  Expect to pay between $20 and 50 to buy user-generated enhancements for your avatar, but there’s no monthly fee unless you choose to pay, and there are better deals inworld.   Secondlife Tutorials

3DXChat – five years old with some options for editing and building, decent sex positions, some kink, and a decent nightly population.  $9.99 a month gets you a decent avatar with a house and access to most locations.  The world is geared towards sex, and there seem to be plenty of options.  It has limitations but it looks decent visually and is easy to get up and running.  Note that changing your name or buying a new avatar costs money.

Yareel– the basic avatars are adequate, but this is a purchase driven environment that clearly wants you to drop some change on looking desirable.  Overall it seems functional and reasonably well patronized, but it’s not “free” in the meaningful sense.

Conan Exiles – has servers dedicated to Power Exchange, and supports actual sex through mods.  The game is “straight” so there’s not a lot of publicity about the sex elements. Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles PC on Fetlife were active about a year ago and might provide pointers. 

  • Red Light Center
  • Chathouse 3D Roulette
  • Sociolotron

Encrypted Chat

  • Whats app
  • Telegram
  • Wickr Me
  • Dust
  • Signal
  • Apple iMessage





Long distance and Haptic Sex Toys.  Haptic touch is what we used to call teledildonics. 

Virtual Reality

BaDoink VR has a free tool for couples



Solo Play


Videogames where players can have sex 
Sex games 2020 


  • Witcher
  • Mass Effect (same sex)
  • Dragon Age (same sex)
  • God of War (no visuals)
  • Grand Theft Auto (hot coffee shows clothed sex)
  • Heavy Rain
  • Farenheit
  • The Sims (mods)


User Content Based Porn

Sites where individual users are able to sell content directly