Difficult Subjects in Hypnosis – Wicked Grounds Mar 2, 6p PST/9pm EST

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Anyone can be hypnotized. But not everyone experiences the state that they want. We’ll look at concrete methods, including direct and inferential suggestion, of working with subjects who seem lowly or non-responsive to traditional inductions to achieve a hypnotic state. We’ll also cover some issues or characteristics that may make hypnosis more difficult. This class is not a challenge and we cannot promise to hypnotize everyone, but we can give useful insights on how to be most effective with subjects who have a hard time achieving a traditional state.


  • Tues Feb 16th 6p PST / 7p MST / 8p CST /9p EST
    Wed Feb 17 2a GMT and BST / 3am CET / 1p AEDT / 3p NZDT

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Immersive Roleplay at Wicked Grounds! – Jan 5, 2020

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Immersive Role Play
Jan 05, 2021 6:00p PST / 7:00p MST / 8:00p PM CST / 9:00p EST

Buy Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4916332

Note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! Instructions will be sent to registered attendees one hour before the class.

Hypnosis can be a starting point for Roleplay, but there are more ways to use it than stage theatrics. Many elements of traditional “method” acting bear a strong relation to hypnosis. We start by dressing up, but called on to play the role of the dastard or the damsel in distress we often feel ludicrous or self-conscious. Learn techniques for combining hypnosis with Roleplay to help yourself others achieve better roleplay both in and out of state.


Online Play Resources

Places for Online Play

Popular Options

  • IM/Email
  • Kik
  • Skype
  • Fetlife
      • Fet Chat
    • Online Playmates” 50K allows ISO
    • See also various roleplay and fandom groups
  • Discord


Owned by a subsidiary of the toy company Bad Dragon, F-List was originally aimed at the Furry Community, but is a great resource for all online-focused kink.  You can make a giant checklist of your preferences here and share it with others.  

MMORPG/Avatar Based

Review of the Best Massively Multiplayer Online Sex Games

✪ SecondlifeEditor’s Choice – Though it still supports vanilla play and activities, SL survives as a heavily kink and sex driven multiplayer environment.  The world takes a little time and investment to break into, but it exceeds the other sex MMORPGs by an order of magnitude in terms of population and option.  Search Groups to get an idea of what is available.  The power of SL is user designed content, which means if anyone has ever fetishized it, someone built it.  Expect to pay between $20 and 50 to buy user-generated enhancements for your avatar, but there’s no monthly fee unless you choose to pay, and there are better deals inworld.   Secondlife Tutorials

3DXChat – five years old with some options for editing and building, decent sex positions, some kink, and a decent nightly population.  $9.99 a month gets you a decent avatar with a house and access to most locations.  The world is geared towards sex, and there seem to be plenty of options.  It has limitations but it looks decent visually and is easy to get up and running.  Note that changing your name or buying a new avatar costs money.

Yareel– the basic avatars are adequate, but this is a purchase driven environment that clearly wants you to drop some change on looking desirable.  Overall it seems functional and reasonably well patronized, but it’s not “free” in the meaningful sense.

Conan Exiles – has servers dedicated to Power Exchange, and supports actual sex through mods.  The game is “straight” so there’s not a lot of publicity about the sex elements. Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles PC on Fetlife were active about a year ago and might provide pointers. 

  • Red Light Center
  • Chathouse 3D Roulette
  • Sociolotron

Encrypted Chat

  • Whats app
  • Telegram
  • Wickr Me
  • Dust
  • Signal
  • Apple iMessage





Long distance and Haptic Sex Toys.  Haptic touch is what we used to call teledildonics. 

Virtual Reality

BaDoink VR has a free tool for couples



Solo Play


Videogames where players can have sex 
Sex games 2020 


  • Witcher
  • Mass Effect (same sex)
  • Dragon Age (same sex)
  • God of War (no visuals)
  • Grand Theft Auto (hot coffee shows clothed sex)
  • Heavy Rain
  • Farenheit
  • The Sims (mods)


User Content Based Porn

Sites where individual users are able to sell content directly


Four Classes Online for Wicked Grounds!

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Wicked Grounds Log

Dollification 4/14 , Dark Side of Hypnosis 4/22, Death Fetish 4/30, Online Sex and Roleplay 05/09
Online Classes by Wicked Grounds
Being Barbie: An Introduction to Dollification Fetish

Apr 14, 2020 4:00 PM PDT, 5:00 MDT, 6:00 CDT, 7:00 EDT, 12:00 UTC+1

►Class handout – PDF

Dark Side of Hypnosis – Edgeplay, Mindfucks, and Trauma
Apr 22, 2020 2:30 PM PDT, 3:30 MDT, 4:30 CDT, 5:30 EDT, 10:30 UTC+1
Class Handout – PDF    ► Consent Handout – PDF

Death Fetish: The Ultimate Taboo 101
Apr 30, 2020 6:00 PM PDT, 7:00 MDT, 8:00 CDT, 9:00 EDT, 2:00am UTC+1

Class Handout – PDF

Online Sex and Role-play 101
May 09, 2020 3:00 PM PDT, 4:00 MDT, 5:00 CDT, 6:00 EDT, 11:00pm UTC+1


Rebecca and James on K101 Podcast!

K101 Podcast Logo

K101 Podcast LogoRebecca Doll and James Gordon appear on the K101 Podcast. A great evening with a lot of great people.  We were so excited to be live for this awesome Podcast, and we hope you’ll enjoy this episode and try some of the others as well.  We got a sneak preview of some of the great guests coming up!

James and Rebecca at K101

K101 Youtube    K101 Website



We promised we’d make our resources easy to find so here they are:

A Novel from James and Rebecca

The President’s Daughter  – Buy it now!  Print or Ebook

In a narrative of suspense, action, and family secrets Madison Drinker will face the shadow of her own abusive past in the cloak and dagger world of political “opposition research.” An emotional masochist, with social ties in the underground world of kink and fetish, Madison hides her emotional instability inside a high-stress and high-dopamine job where she will risk more than just her life to uncover the truth about the what the President did to his daughter. 

Graveyard humor and a lack of self-preservation propel Madison and her partner, a former British paparazzi turned foreign correspondent, against the most powerful man in the free world. The ability to endure pain and emotional duress are tested as Madison investigates previously debunked charges that the sitting President, rough-edged former American Gunman reality star William Foster, was involved in sexual abuse of his daughter Kaidence and hired a Baltimore prostitute to roleplay her for bedroom games.

Check out the Madison Drinker Website for free content

Buy it now!


Now Available: Mastering Erotic Hypnosis

Mastering Erotic Hypnosis banner, features photo of James Gordon, C.Ht. and Rebecca Doll M. EDCI. Text reads "A book that lays bare all the secrets of hypnotic play. A scientific approach which respects the reader. Modern, non-gendered, and content-based. Suggestibility, inductions, hypnotic modalities, deepening techniques, troubleshooting and more.

Now Available:

Mastering Erotic Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Manual for Erotic Play, Fetish, and Kink
Mastering Erotic Hypnosis banner, features photo of James Gordon, C.Ht. and Rebecca Doll M. EDCI. Text reads "A book that lays bare all the secrets of hypnotic play. A scientific approach which respects the reader. Modern, non-gendered, and content-based. Suggestibility, inductions, hypnotic modalities, deepening techniques, troubleshooting and more.

Buy the paperback

Get the eBook for 99¢

Lays bare all the secrets of hypnotic play for pleasure and kink.

The Ebook can be purchased at Amazon or directly from us.

Clear, step by step guide explains underlying theory as well as practice so that you can understand hypnosis.

Authors James Gordon, a clinical hypnotherapist, and Rebecca Doll, who holds a master’s in education, have written an exhaustive guide.  Taking a clear, consent based, non-gendered , approach to hypnotic instruction, we use a scientific and historical approach to de-mystify hypnosis so that anyone and everyone can learn to hypnotize not just highly suggestible individuals, but any partner.

Not just a list of scripts or tricks!

A thorough course in the art and science of hypnosis:

  • Ethics and consent
  • Why inductions fail and what to do when it happens
  • Types of suggestibility and how to test for them
  • How to create a hypnotic modality
  • Deepening techniques

Erotic play suggestions including:

  • Eroticization of…anything
  • Orgasm control
  • Transformations of all kinds
  • Orgasm on command
  • Hypnotic roleplay

Charmed Presentations!

All handouts listed with classes below

Charmed Intensive

[ Slide Presentation ]

Thursday Jan 17th 01:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET

Charmed! Educational Goal: building hypnosis skills

This track is for beginning and intermediate hypnotists.

In this extended intensive we’ll work to build basic hypnosis skills to an intermediate level. We will work to link firm psychological foundations of hypnosis to empirical practice and experience in order to provide a robust toolbox that allows for easy and practical hypnosis with all subjects in all situations.  

At the end of this pre-conference beginning hypnotists should have a firm grasp of fundamentals, requiring only practice to reach an intermediate level. Intermediate hypnotists should have a rich toolbox in which all empirical learning is linked to firm principles allowing skills to be employed flexibly in every situation. Every student should have a firm understanding of using memory, suggestibility, and locus of control to create richer and more sensual experiences and responses.

1:00 pm to 10:00 pm. There will be breaks from 3:00 to 3:30 and from 6:00 to 7:30.

  • Introduction 1-3 (2 hrs)
  • Middle 3:30 – 6pm (2.5 hrs)
  • Final 7:30 – 10pm (2.5 hrs)


Charmed Classes:

Hypnosis, Safety, and Consent: Exploring concepts of consent and safer play

Friday 3:15-4:15  Harbor 1B [ Class Handout ]

Hypnosis 201 : Modalities, suggestibility, inductions, and play

Friday 5:45-6:45 Harbor 1A [ Modified Class Handout for Charmed 2019 ]

 [  Standard 201 Class Handout ]

Being Barbie: Hypnotic Dollification: An introduction to hypnotic doll play

Sunday 3:15-4:15 Harbor 2A    [ Class Handout ]