3 Classes at Charmed Jan 15-17

You must be registered for Charmed 2021 to attend – January 14 – 17, 2021

Charmed!2020, the largest educational erotic hypnosis event in the US, is coming back on January 14th-17th, 2021 for Charmed! Online 2021

Being Barbie: Hypnotic Dollification
6-8pm EST  (3p PST, 4p MST, 5p CST)
Friday Jan 15, 2021, Room 5

Do you want to be made into a doll? Does dressing up get you hot? Is objectification one of your kinks? Do you dream of being played with? Or maybe you’re interested in owning the most versatile of toys? Whatever your interest, dollification fetish presents a myriad of opportunities to explore kink in fun new ways. In this class we will explore what dollification is, the dynamics that can exist between an Owner and a doll, potential types of doll play, and useful tools and resources for building a better doll, with an emphasis on hypnotic techniques. The class will work together to brainstorm which types of doll play interest them, share past experiences and background with doll play, and explore potential scenes through hands-on activities involving props and costuming provided by the presenters. No prior experience is necessary to participate in any of the class activities.

Consent in Hypnosis
3-5pm EST  (12p PST, 1p MST, 2p CST) 
Saturday Jan 16, Room 2

Consent is a hot issue. From college campuses to local kink communities, consent is being actively discussed, and new understandings of how it relates to sexual interaction are evolving. Over the past five years concepts of consent have been explored in many communities on many levels. Hypnosis involves strong elements of control and behavioral change. We investigate principles of informed consent, and sources for standards, as well as offering concrete checklists and tools to aid in developing your own framework for consent in hypnotic play. Note that this is not a basic Consent 101 class, but focuses on consent in relation to hypnosis.

Dark Side of Hypnosis
2-4pm EST  (11a PST, 12p MST, 1p CST)
Sunday Jan 17, Room 2

Visions of erotic violence or sinister control dominate our movies and fantasies. From chainsaw disembowelment to death to formative sexual trauma, many of our most delicious fantasies are unsafe or inaccessible. While we may visit these things under the aegis of “pathworking” or “ritual,” one of the most direct and controllable forms of visualization is too often off the table. Learn the use of hypnosis to go with malice aforethought into those dark recesses only touched before, and take edgeplay further than the physical. Note that this is a workshop about brutal edgeplay, not about healing psychic trauma. Learn techniques for transferring pain, creating artificial sensation, and controlling orgasm. While we will discuss how to create informed consent for this type of mental play, this is not an ethics workshop and it may involve references or demonstrations centering on psychic trauma which may be disturbing.