Being Barbie: Intro to Dollification

Doll Play 2Does dressing up get you hot? Is objectification one of your kinks? Do you dream of being played with? Or maybe you’re interested in owning the most versatile of toys? Whatever your interest, dollification fetish presents a myriad of opportunities to explore kink in fun new ways. In this class we will explore what dollification is, the dynamics that can exist between an Owner and a doll, potential types of doll play, and useful tools and resources for building a better doll.

Look for our class at upcoming events and check into our  Resources for Doll Play here!

VMAP – BDSM in Power Exchange Pt 2

S01E03b BDSMVMAP – BDSM and Power Exchange – Part 2
The Chemistry: Opiates in your Brain
What drives some of us to want or crave control, physical pain, confinement, restraint, emotional pain, or humiliation? We begin a close look at the tidal forces that lie beneath the desire for BDSM. In the next several Episodes VMAP looks at the core link between BDSM and Power Exchange, starting by understanding what BDSM is, and the needs that drive it.

VMAP FM – Fun with Flags, Feminism, Slavery

S01E03FM-newPublished on Aug 7, 2015

How can you call yourself a feminist and identify as a female slave?

Flags and other political topics. Another Episode of VMAP Fetching Mettle, our casual and personal side episodes.


Annie Sprinkle
Tristan Taormino
Laci Green


Tony DeBlase talks about the Leather Pride Flag…

The Master/slave and Dom/sub flag
by Master Tallen…

House of Tanos